Our Diamond Inventory

Rohr Jewelers has access to thousands of diamonds, all certified, and all with a lifetime trade up policy. We carry beautiful diamonds in all different types of cuts and will work with you on finding the perfect stone whether it be a round brilliant, a cushion, an asscher, or an oval, etc..

That being said, we will find the diamond that meets all your criteria regarding the 4 C's (color, cut, clarity, and carat weight), all the while providing you with the best quality and value for your money.

View our diamond inventory here. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions or diamond requests. We look forward to helping you select the your perfect diamond, stop in today!


About Diamonds - The 4 C's



The GIA Cut Scale ranges from Excellent to Poor. When a diamond is discovered, it has almost no inherent beauty. It is up to the diamond cutter to bring the beauty out. Brightness is the white light reflecting from the surface and interior of the diamond. Fire is the colored flashes that can be seen in a diamond. Scintillation describes the sparkle of light you see, and the overall pattern of bright and dark areas when you look at a diamond face-up. A diamond's proportions affect its performance. This effects its beauty and overall appeal. Diamonds with ideal proportions optimize the interaction with brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

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One carat equals 200 milligrams in weight. Carats are divided into 1000 points, similar to pennies in a dollar.  0.75 carats = 75 points, 0.5 carats = 50 points.

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The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) color scale starts from D-colorless and goes to Z-light yellow or brown. The more colorless a diamond is, the more rare, and the more expensive. Diamonds are graded for color under natural light, face down, against a master set of diamonds that have a predetermined color grade. Each letter in the alphabet, starting at D, represents a range of how noticeable the body color of the diamond is.

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There are 11 clarity grades in the GIA Clarity Scale starting at flawless. Diamonds form under tremendous heat and pressure giving them distinguishable internal and external characteristics. Inclusions are characteristics within a diamond while blemishes are on the surface of the diamond. These qualities help gemologists separate natural diamonds from synthetics and stimulants, and serve to identify individual stones. Once again it is extremely rare to find a flawless diamond, and the higher the clarity grade, the more rare, and the more expensive the diamond will be. Diamonds are graded for clarity face up under 10x magnification.

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Engagement Rings

At Rohr Jewelers, helping happy couples embark on their new life together is one of our favorite things.

Not only do we have a nice selection of engagement rings, semi-mounts. and loose diamonds in our store, we can also help you custom design the ring of your dreams.

If you like, we can help you pick out the perfect ring using innovative 3-D design technology. You'll be able to visualize the prototype on screen and customize it as you wish, even combining the design elements of several rings together. Whether you like a simple or more ornate setting, we have hundreds of designs to choose from. 

Looking for a diamond alternative? Rest at ease, we have a beautiful selection of loose gemstones and finished colored stone rings to choose from.

Rohr Jewelers can also help you find the perfect wedding bands as well. We offer a large assortment of styles in various metal choices such as yellow, white, or rose gold, platinum, and palladium.

Please call us or stop in our store so we may begin this exciting journey with you! We promise you'll be happy you chose us, it will be our sincere pleasure to assist you.